Is South Western Railway better than South West Trains

Too early to say. Delay Repay with a 15minute threshold for compensation is definitely an improvement, as is direct payments into my bank account. But, within only a few months of operation they’ve got so that other enquiries get a “Our Customer Service Centre is experiencing extremely high volumes of correspondence and on average responses are taking longer than normal. … Please be assured we will respond to you as quickly as possible and we manage cases in date order.” response after their promised response time of 15 days.

Now their Delay Repay website won’t let me log in. It complains that my email address isn’t known. Clearly rubbish as that’s cached on the browser. I’ve reported it, but let’s see if it gets fixed.

And curiously, a completely random £3.66 payment turned up in my account from them today – not from Pingit, as previous SWR delay repay refunds have been but from SWR and unrelated to the non-delay repay claim I have outstanding and with no covering email. Bizarre!