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Many of the things about Howard Fisher you were always afraid to ask – from my picture archive now going back to a Swiss holiday in 1970 up to more recent holidays and a few interesting snippets from in between.

You’ll find comments and grumbles (OK, mostly grumbles) on everyday life in the blog, favourite recipes gathered over the years, holiday snapshots and an archive of pictures dating back over 60 years.

Plus some personal items – pictures given to me on my 40th and updated on my 60th and a history of where I’ve lived.

Whilst this new site is under construction,
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Smart Meters Fiasco

So, I eventually took the plunge and went smart. As both my previous energy suppliers Utility Point and Symbio went bust and their replacements EDF and EON Next were pushing SMETS2 smart meters, I took the opportunity to convert. As my electricity and gas are provided by different companies going smart was a bit dumb …