Postcards from China

Day 1 (in China itself) in which we flew in over the Great Wall (Picture 1 - honest), visit the Summer Palace and spot bicycles being used for everything.

Day 2 in which we visit Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City (which among other things features a '4Star' loo), the Temple of Heaven and finish the day with a Peking Duck dinner.

Day 3 in which we take a cable car up to the Great Wall and go to see Chinese Acrobats doing lots of things you are not advised to try doing at home.

Day 4 in which we take a tour of Xi'an (city wall, mosque and bell tower), then go to a Tang Dynasty Dinner show.

Day 5 in which we see the Emperor's Winter Palace (hot springs), visit the Terracotta Warriors then fly to Chongqing to join the boat (a latenight coach trip away downstream).

Day 6 in which we visit the Fengdu 'Ghost Town' then sail downstream.

Day 7 in which we sail through Qutang Gorge and Wu Gorge, then take a trip in a very much smaller boat up the Shennong Stream (one of the 'Little Gorges').

Day 8 in which we sail through the Xiling Gorge, moor up above the new dam and then visit the Three Gorges Dam Project.

Day 9 which we start with a 5-hour coach trip to Wuhan, then visit a museum dedicated to a 2500 year old tomb featuring lots of ancient musical instruments.

Day 10 in which we visit a Bonsai Garden and a Silk Factory (both much more interesting than expected), then walk around the streets of Wuhan.